What is Sublimation?

Custom Sublimation Printing

Detailed, full-color designs are transferred to a breathable polyester fabric using a heat process. The design is fully transferred to the fabric – no bleeding, cracking, fading or peeling will occur. The printed fabric is then sewn together to meet the style of your desired clothing.

If you’re looking for vibrant, detailed, full-color designs, which won’t ever crack or peel, then look no further! Without having to order large quantities, we offer premium-quality breathable fabrics, which will keep you comfortable and cool in even the most intense competitions and activities.

Your Personalized Design

Our own design team will help you create a custom design for your garment that brings your imagination to life. We offer numerous revisions with your order and will ensure we get your design just right. Sublimation printing gives you the flexibility to explore endless combinations of colors and patterns. Our design and production teams work together, all through our New York City studio, so that we can manufacture and deliver your orders in a fast and efficient manner.

You can also take advantage of our waived-design discount if you already have a completed art design* you want to print!

*The color of the fabrics or materials may appear slightly different, despite being treated with the “same color” on the print file. We will do our best to accurately manufacture the color you want from your design. However, any color differences as a result of using different fabrics is out of our control.


We offer an array of high-quality jerseys and apparel for several sports. We’re also looking for ways to improve our product line every season!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to ask! We may have the garment or style tucked away in our archive.


If you already have a logo or team name you want to use, our design team can create a memorable design to match your criteria just for you.


With sublimation printing, the color possibilities are limitless. Your design can cover the entire jersey or apparel piece, allowing for full creative expression.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch:

Contact us to discuss your project needs and provide your contact information. You’ll receive a call or email within 24-48 hours so that we can collect additional information, answer your questions, and provide a quote.

Get it made:

If needed, our design team will create a high-quality mockup for you and make any necessary revisions you request. Once your design is approved, you’ll receive an invoice for the order deposit. Our manufacturing process will being printing and sewing the garments together which may take 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of your order.

Get out there:

After production is complete, each garment undergoes a thorough inspection by our quality assurance team. Your order will then be shipped using FedEx, UPS, or USPS at the most cost-effective rate. Look good and feel good out there.